Directly Translate Web Pages in Firefox

Firefox is a popular open-source web browser developed by Mozilla and its community of contributors. Known for its commitment to user privacy, customization options, and security features, Firefox has earned a reputation as a reliable and versatile browser. With a focus on transparency and community collaboration, it offers users a high level of customization through extensions and themes.

Besides many other useful features, there is also the Translate feature in Firefox to directly translate web pages without any third-party tools. This is a Beta feature but works well.

Here is how to use it:

First, install the languages for offline translation by accessing Firefox preferences from the address bar:

accessing Firefox preferences

Scroll down to the Translations section. A list of languages available for installation offline is displayed.

Install languages for translation in Firefox

Click the Install all button to download and install them all.

Languages installed for translation in Firefox

Once done, browse any web page.

Language for a web page before translation

Then click the menu icon and select Translate this page.

Menu icon in Firefox
Translate page feature in Firefox

Firefox will detect the default language of the web page and list the languages available for translation depending on the languages installed earlier for offline use.

Choose the destination language for translating web page in Firefox

Select the destination language as needed and click the Translate button.

Use the translate feature in Firefox

The web page will be automatically translated.

Web page in translated language

This is a useful option for translating web pages without using other translation tools, as Firefox effectively manages the offline translation.

Happy browsing.

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