How to Use the Save and Share Feature in Google Chrome

The Save and share feature in Google Chrome seamlessly lets you share pages between devices, copy links, create QR codes for pages, and cast them to different devices.

Using it is simple. Open the webpage that you want to share and click on the settings dots from the top-right corner. Then choose Save and share.

Save and share feature in Google Chrome

This will show a list of different available options.

Save options

Save page as: Save the page locally.

save the web page locally in Chrome

Create shortcut: Directly create a shortcut to the page.

create a shortcut to web page in Chrome

Share options

Copy link: Copy the link of the web page to the clipboard. You can then share the link.

Send to your devices: Send the web page to another device with the same Chrome sign-in.

send web page directly between PCs with save and share in Chrome

This is useful when you need to send web pages between different PCs.

Create QR Code: Quickly generate a QR code with the web page link through this option. You can then share the code or download the image locally.

generate a QR code with the link to the web page using save and share in Chrome

Cast: Cast the open web page to a display device like a TV or monitor if paired with your PC that is running Chrome.

Besides these above Share and save options, you can also directly generate a QR code or share the web page between different devices by right-clicking anywhere on the web page and choosing those from the options.

right click anywhere on a web page to send it between different devices or to create a QR code in Chrome

Happy sharing.

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    Can someone describe how to use and manage “create shortcuts”

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