How to Toggle Dark Mode for Microsoft Word

Dark Mode, with its dark background and light text, offers several advantages that enhance user experience across various digital platforms. Firstly, it reduces eye strain and fatigue, particularly in low-light environments, as the darker interface puts less strain on the eyes compared to a bright, white background.

Windows Mail and Calendar app already has it. Now Microsoft Word too includes Dark Mode both for Word online and desktop.

Here is how to enable it for both versions:

For Word online:

Dark Mode for Word online is straightforward. Open Word online and click on View > Dark Mode.

View settings in Word online

This will turn it on. You can still choose to keep the working background as white while the Dark Mode is on.

Dark mode enabled for Word online

For that, click on Switch Background.

Dark mode with white background in Word online

It will switch back to white, you can choose to keep it dark as well if needed or toggle the Dark Mode completely.

Switch modes and background color in Word online

For Word desktop:

Dark Mode for Microsoft Word desktop is not directly available as it is in Word online, but you can still enable it.

For that, first, switch your Office Theme to Black by clicking Account > Office Theme.

Accessing Microsoft Office account settings
Change the Office Theme to Dark for Word desktop

Once it is on, you can toggle the background between white and dark just like in Word online through the View settings and changing the modes.

Dark mode turned on for Word desktop

All done.

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