What is the Learning Toolkit in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser comes with a set of built-in tools that help with reading and learning. They are collectively known as Learning Tools.

You can access them through the Learning toolkit option from More tools

Alternatively, the Learning toolkit can be directly opened from the Edge address bar:


This Learning toolkit page shows the tools available for learning.

Learning toolkit in Edge

There are 5 such tools:

Microsoft 365

We are all familiar with Microsoft 365 subscriptions and the office tools included with them like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft 365 is included in Edge's Learning toolkit

It is not a built-in tool and there is no need to buy a subscription.

Math Solver

This is a useful tool in Edge that helps you learn math, complete math assignments, and solve math problems. Click on it to see a brief introduction on how it works. 

Introduction page for Microsoft Math Solver

You can also click the Learn More button which takes you to the Math Solver homepage.

Microsoft Math Solver

From there, you can try it out and see if it is helpful.

PDF Reader

The default PDF reader in Microsoft Edge is useful for viewing and editing PDF documents. Click the PDF Reader to see a quick video on how it works.

PDF Reader in Edge can view and edit PDF documents

Immersive Reader

Designed to make reading easier, Immersive Reader strips away all the unnecessary web elements so that you see only the text from web pages making reading distraction-free. 

Immersive Reader introduction in Edge

Here is how to use it.

Read Aloud

Select text from web pages and choose this option. You will hear the text selection.

select text in Edge browser to use the Read aloud feature

Also, you can customize various settings like the speed of delivery and the voice.


Overall, Edge makes learning and browsing productive by including these tools. Also, combining them as a Learning toolkit makes these different tools easy to access and get familiar with.

Do give them a try to make your browsing experience more productive when using the Edge browser.

All done.

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