How to Override Windows 11 Active Hours

Windows 11 update settings now include the option to override active hours. This is the Get me up to date feature.

So, if you would like to download and immediately install updates even when the active hours are on, you can do so.

Here is how:

Open Windows settings (Win key + I) and click on Windows Update.

Windows 11 settings

From the updates pane, click on Advanced options

Accessing advanced options in Windows 11

By default, the Get me up to date option is off. Enable it.

Windows Update Get me up to date feature

You don’t have to change active hours settings when enabling this.

After Get me up to date is enabled, whenever new updates are downloaded, and a restart is needed, you will see a notification about it. 

Get me up to date feature enabled in Windows 11

The Windows 11 PC will automatically restart after downloading and installing the updates, but you can defer it or manually restart it if needed. 

Happy patching.

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