How to Customize the Windows 11 Notepad

The redesigned Notepad app for Windows 11 includes new features like dark mode, tabs, rounded corners, and more.

Windows 11 Notepad app

Another distinctive feature of this new Notepad is that by default it opens previously opened files rather than a blank file every time.

You can customize all of these as needed. Here is how:

Open Notepad and click on the settings icon from the right.

Accessing Notepad settings

This will open the Settings page for Notepad.

Customizing Notepad settings

To always have Notepad open a new blank window rather than previously opened content, go to the bottom of the Settings page and click the option When Notepad starts. Change this to Open a new window

The much-needed dark mode is now available for Notepad. By default, it uses the system theme but you can also manually change this. Click the App theme option and select Dark

Dark mode for Notepad

Notepad will now have dark mode enabled.

Notepad with custom fonts and dark mode enabled

Besides these major improvements, you can also change other general settings like Fonts and Word wrap.

Customize any of these settings as needed.

Also, as with previous Notepad versions, you can add a header and footer too.

All done.

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