Quickly Summarize Documents with This AI Tool

If you are looking for an AI-powered online tool that can read and summarize documents for you, then Claude is a good choice.

Claude homepage

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Unlike other AI tools, Claude has access to real-time data thereby making it accurate to use since it is trained on the latest information.

Before using it, you would first need to register with an email address and verify with a phone number.

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After registration and successfully verifying your account, you can now start using Claude.

Claude is in open beta

Summarize documents with Claude

It lets you upload documents that you want to summarize. Click on the attachment icon to upload the documents.

Claude main interface

The free version allows documents up to 10 MB in size and up to 75000 words long. Various commonly used formats like PDF, DOC, CSV, and TXT are supported.

Upload documents to Claude

After uploading the document, click the Start a new chat button. Claude will automatically summarize the uploaded document for you.

Summary of document generated by Claude

You can then enter specific queries and questions about the document.

You can also ask specific questions to Claude about the uploaded document

Claude will answer them.

Claude will provide specific answers about the document

You can also ask Claude to rate the document and it’s usefulness.

You can also ask Claude to rate the document and it's usefulness.

Other than that, Claude also lets you copy-paste web content and generate a summary for you. So, you can save time reading long web pages and documentation and get the gist of it quickly using Claude.


Overall, this is a useful AI-powered tool that can quickly summarize documents for you and answer your questions about them.

Do try it out.

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