How to Enable The Vivaldia Game Shortcut in Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser comes with a cool built-in arcade game Vivaldia

Vivaldia arcade game in Vivaldi browser

While you can directly access it through the vivaldi://game option from the address bar, it is quicker to set it as a shortcut icon on the Speed Dial page.

For this, open the start page settings in Vivaldi by typing in the address bar:

Accessing Vivaldi start page settings

Click on the Start Page section from the left pane. On the right side, there will be an option to enable Vivaldia on the Speed Dial.

Enable Vivaldia on the Speed Dial page

By default, it is unchecked, so enable it.

Now, open the Speed Dial page. The bottom right corner of the page will show the Vivaldia icon.

Vivaldia shortcut icon visible on the Speed Dial page

Click on it. It will display a mini launcher for the game. Click the play button to load the game.

Click the shortcut icon to load Vivaldia

It will open Vivaldia in a new tab. Now, all you have to do is enjoy this fast-paced arcade game. 🙂

Ready to play Vivaldia

Happy gaming.

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