Understanding The Download Settings in Edge Browser

Edge browser makes configuring download settings easy. You can set them as needed. Here is how:

Access these download settings from the Edge address bar:


There will be various download related settings listed here.

Download settings in Edge browser

Location: If you would like to change the default downloads path, click on the Change button, and provide a new path.

Change the default path for downloads in Edge browser

Ask me what to do with each download: Turn this setting off if you would want Edge browser to download files without asking you to.

Download prompt is enabled by default in Edge

Open Office files in the browser: If you would like to automatically open Office documents in Edge browser without downloading, then keep this setting on.

Show downloads menu when a download starts: Turn this off if you would like to hide the download status of files or if there are any files being downloaded.

Downloads menu in Edge browser

Accessing download history:

To quickly look at the download history, type in the address bar:

Accessing Edge downloads history
Edge downloads history

You can also clear your download history from here by clicking on the dots or open the local downloads folder.

Also, Edge browser has an option of blocking potentially dangerous downloads, here is how to configure it.

Happy downloading.

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