How To Turn Off Link Preview in Outlook

Outlook web, by default, includes a link preview of all the hyperlinks which are included in the message text.

Link preview is enabled for messages by default in

This preview box can occupy a lot of space when there is more than one link in the message.

Here is how to turn it off:

Login to and click on the settings icon from the top right.

Accessing settings

From the Settings section, go to Mail > Compose and reply

Accessing Compose and reply settings in

Under the Compose and reply section, scroll down to the Link Preview settings, and uncheck the option Preview links in email.

Turning off link preview in

Click on the Save button to save these changes. 

From now on, messages with hyperlinks will not show the links preview box.

Messages with link preview turned off in

By the way, you can also turn off the link preview for Google Docs.

Happy emailing.

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