How To Customize Profiles in Brave Browser

Brave browser includes profile customization by which you can change the profile theme and avatar.

Here is how to access and use this feature:

Open Brave browser, and open settings from the address bar:

accessing Brave browser settings

Click on the Get started section from the left pane.

Profile settings in Brave browser

From the right pane, click on the Profile name and icon section.

It will open the profile customization settings.

Choose a name, theme and avatar for profile in Brave browser

Here, you can give a name to your default profile and pick theme and avatar colors.

Also, if you would like to make a new profile, it can be done by clicking on the menu icon and selecting Add new profile.

Adding a new Brave browser profile

Enter the name of the new Brave browser profile and the theme for it.

Customizing new profiles in Brave browser

Brave browser, by default then, will ask you to select a profile on launch.

Option to choose a Brave browser profile on launch

By the way, you can also make video calls right from within the Brave browser with the Brave Talk feature.

Happy browsing.

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