How To Control Firefox Home Page and New Tab Appearance

Certain add-ons in Firefox like Tabliss can change the default home page and new tab appearance.

Firefox custom new tab and home page appearance

Once installed, during the first run Firefox lets you know that the appearance is now controlled by an external add-on.

Add-ons controlling Firefox new tab appearance

Firefox does have an option though by which you can restore the default appearance for the home page and new tabs or continue with the changed appearance through these add-ons.

Controlling the Firefox home page and new tab appearance:

Click on the Firefox menu icon and choose Settings.

Accessing Firefox settings

In the Home option, there will be New Windows and Tabs. Under that section, you can control the appearance settings.

Firefox Home settings

The Homepage and new windows option lets you choose between the default and the add-on related appearance for Firefox homepage and new windows from the menu drop-down next to it.

Changing the Firefox Homepage and new windows settings

Similarly, the New tabs option lets you do the same for the new tab through the menu drop-down next to it.

Changing the New tabs settings in Firefox

So, you can have both, a new tab page that is different than the default new tab and a home page that can be the Firefox default page or that from the add-on.

Happy browsing.

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