What Is The Safety Check Feature in Brave Browser

Brave browser includes a built-in safety check by which you can check if your browser is updated, the add-ons are safe and safe browsing settings are enabled.

Here is how to access and use it:

Open Brave browser and open the Privacy settings:

accessing brave browser privacy settings

Scroll down to the bottom and from the Safety check section, click on Check now.

safety check feature in brave browser

This safety check tool will perform a series of checks and determine if the browser is updated, the installed add-ons are safe and if safe browsing is on.

A series of safety checks is performed by Brave browser

If you are using third-party privacy and network add-ons, then the safe browsing could be off indicating that it is controlled by an external add-on. You can also click on these results to open related settings.

Safe browsing settings in Brave browser

This is a useful tool to check various browser security settings and updates all in one go. By the way, other browsers like Google Chrome and Opera too have a similar feature.

Happy and safe browsing.

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