What is the Enhanced Tracking Protection Mode in Firefox

Firefox automatically blocks ad trackers, cross-site tracking cookies and more for better privacy. This is the Enhanced Tracking Protection mode. You can see the related details about what this mode does from the Protections dashboard.

To access it, click on the shield icon to the left of the Firefox address bar, and select Protections Dashboard.

Accessing Protections Dashboard from the Firefox shield icon

Alternatively, you can directly access the Protections Dashboard by typing in the address bar:


This brings up a dashboard which shows you how many trackers are blocked by Firefox on a daily and weekly basis when browsing.

Protections Dashboard in Firefox

These are:

Social Media Trackers: These trackers follow you across different websites even when not using social media.

Social Media Trackers blocked by Firefox

Cross-Site Tracking Cookies: These are third-party ads and analytics cookies which follow you when browsing across different websites.

Cross-Site Tracking Cookies blocked by Firefox

Fingerprinters: Fingerprinters collect data and build a profile that can track you across different websites.

Fingerprinters blocked by Firefox

Cryptominers: These use your computing resources and slow down your system for cryptocurrency mining.

Cryptominers blocked by Firefox

So, Firefox automatically protects you from these with the Enhanced Tracking Protection mode.

Customizing Enhanced Tracking Protection settings:

You can also change these settings by clicking on the privacy and security settings.

Accessing Firefox privacy settings from the Protections Dashboard

There are three modes for this: Standard, Strict, and Custom. You can choose from any of these as needed. Also, you can add exceptions to this mode.

Enhanced Tracking Protection modes in Firefox

To add a website that won’t be included in the Enhanced Tracking Protection Mode, click on the Manage Exceptions. Then add the website that should be treated as an exception.

Adding site exceptions to Enhanced Tracking Protection

Happy and safe browsing.

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