Debian 12 ‘Bookworm’: What’s New

The recently released Debian 12 codenamed Bookworm boasts an impressive addition of over 11,200 new packages, bringing the total number of packages to a staggering 59,000.

To ensure that users have access to the latest software, Debian has updated most of their software offerings. Additionally, with a focus on staying current and reliable, over 9,500 old or obsolete packages were removed from the system for this upgrade.

Debian 12 'Bookworm' Cinnamon edition
Debian 12 ‘Bookworm’Cinnamon edition

What’s new in Bookworm:

New kernel:

To power it all, Debian 12 now runs on the shiny new Linux Kernel 6.1 which is LTS-approved.

Debian Bookworm comes with Linux Kernel 6.1

This version features experimental support for Rust programming language as well as improved ARM SoC support and Intel Meteor Lake enablement.

Emerald artwork:

Not only does this release provide new features and updates to its kernel and software library but there’s also an entirely new artwork style called Emerald.

Emerald artwork in Debian Bookworm

With a design inspired by gemstones, Emerald provides a clean and polished aesthetic that will beautifully enhance the visual desktop experience.

Repository changes:

In terms of specific functionality changes, non-free firmware packages are now maintained separately in a dedicated archive component called non-free firmware. You can view and edit them in the sources.list file.

Non-free firmware packages are now separate in Debian Bookworm

Also, this file needs to be edited to include this non-free firmware repository if upgrading from Debian 11 to 12.

Enhanced security and Windows 11 dual-boot:

Furthermore, security support for Go-based packages has certain limitations. Dual-boot setups with Windows have also been given some attention – Debian 12 can now detect Windows 11.

All in all, Debian fans can expect significant upgrades across multiple areas in this new release.

Do give it a try whether switching to Debian for the first time or upgrading.

All done.

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