Protect Online Location Privacy With AWZ AnyPorter

A GPS spoofer is a device or software that can generate false GPS signals to deceive GPS receivers into reporting incorrect location information. The need for a GPS spoofer arises in situations where the accurate location information is intentionally or unintentionally restricted, such as in military operations, scientific experiments, or even some forms of gaming and for bypassing geo-blocking. It can also be used to protect the privacy of an individual or a company by masking their real location.

AWZ AnyPorter is a simple to use GPS spoofer app for iPhone and iPad that lets you change your device’s location with just a few clicks.

AWZ AnyPorter

Key Features:

  • Supports 5 iOS devices simultaneously
  • Change your location with just one click
  • Add stops and chart different routes 
  • Great for Augmented Reality games like Pokemon

Installing AWZ AnyPorter:

Download and install it for Windows from here. There is a free trial version that you can first use before buying it.

The setup is simple, choose a different installation folder if needed by clicking on Custom Install if needed, and let the installation finish.

setup of AWZ AnyPorter
AWZ AnyPorter installation

After installing, open AWZ AnyPorter.

AWZ AnyPorter interface

Connect iOS device:

By default, it will show you your location based on the IP address of your PC. To connect an iOS device, connect it to PC and click on the device icon from the sidebar. From the iOS device, allow the Trust computer prompt to pair it with AWZ AnyPorter

connect iOS device to AWZ AnyPorter

When the connection is detected, click on Next to continue.

iOS device paired with AWZ AnyPorter

Allow AWZ AnyPorter to control your device’s GPS location by clicking the Yes button.

Using AWZ AnyPorter:

After the device is connected, you can now change the location to anywhere as needed. To directly jump to a new location, you can search for it from the top left corner of AWZ AnyPorter

AWZ AnyPorter main interface

A drop down with the list of locations will appear. 

list of locations

Click on the desired location and select Move.

jumping to a location

 It is better to close any of the location-enabled apps that are running on your device before simulating the move to a different location. Once done, you can confirm the location change by clicking the Move button.

change the location using AWZ AnyPorter

If you want, you can also enable Fluctuation Mode. This is for simulating walking. So when it is on, your location will fluctuate back and forth a little within the virtual radius. You can also add your locations to favorites and customize virtual movements like walking, driving and so on. Pretty cool.

There are other things that you can do with GPS from AWZ AnyPorter. The top-right corner of the interface has the following modes:

various modes in AWZ AnyPorter
  • Jump Teleport Mode
  • Virtual Joystick Mode
  • Multi-Stop Mode
  • Single-Stop Mode

Jump Teleport Mode: By clicking on this, you can directly teleport to a different location anywhere. 

jump teleport mode

Enter the location and choose Move. This is similar to directly searching for a location as before and teleporting there.

Virtual Joystick Mode: This mode offers greater flexibility as it simulates a joystick movement. 

virtual joystick mode
change speed preferences

With this, you can change the direction in which you are moving and it can be a 360 degree move. Also, you can enable the Auto Walking option from here to the desired coordinates. This is a useful feature for detailed exploration.

Multi-Stop Mode: Add more than one location on the map to create your own closed route with the Multi-Stop Mode

multi-stop mode

Click on that option and then add markers for the different locations. These are then connected to form a multi-route. 

Single-Stop Mode: Go from point A to Point B with the Single-Stop Mode

single-stop mode

Add a location marker to form a single-stop route on the map with this option.

Cool-down timer: AWZ AnyPorter also displays a cool-down timer. 

cool-down timer in AWZ AnyPorter

This is important when you are playing AR games like Pokemon in which quickly performing many actions or changing locations too quickly can result in a ban. Use the cool-down timer to keep track of your activities.

Reset to initial location: Go back to the original location by clicking on the reset button from the sidebar.

reset gps location in AWZ AnyPorter

Confirm to go back to the original location.

confirm gps reset

Other settings: 

Access other settings by clicking on the top-right corner menu button and choosing Settings

accessing AWZ AnyPorter settings

From here you can change the interface language and toggle sound and pop-up settings.

AWZ AnyPorter settings


If there is a license purchased for AWZ AnyPorter, you can activate it by logging in the account portal here. Then, open AWZ AnyPorter and click on the account icon.

activating AWZ AnyPorter

 Login with your account credentials to use the activated version. 

activated version of AWZ AnyPorter

The pricing for different plans can be found here.


So AWZ AnyPorter is useful for protecting your online location privacy and also for exploration in various AR games. The interface is simple and you can change location settings with just a few clicks. There is no steep technical learning curve either for using it. 

Do try it out. 

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