How To Enable AI Prompts In Opera

Opera browser has become much better with its AI integration. You can now directly generate AI prompts and access ChatGPT and ChatSonic right from the Opera sidebar

This feature is early access for now, but here is how to enable and use it:

Access Opera settings by typing in the address bar:


Scroll down to the AI Prompts section.

AI Prompts settings in Opera browser

By default, this setting is off. Enable it.

AI Prompts enabled in Opera

You can then directly access ChatGPT and ChatSonic from the sidebar.

ChatGPT and ChatSonic will be available in the Opera sidebar

You can choose between those two or keep both enabled. You can also generate AI-based ideas from a website right from the Opera address bar.

AI Prompts enabled in address bar

 Browse to a website and click the AI PROMPTS button in the address bar to view a list of prompts. 

AI Promptsgenerated from a website

The labels CG and CS next to them stand for ChatGPT and ChatSonic espectively.

Another cool feature when AI prompts are enabled is the text highlight popup. You can select text from a webpage to see various AI prompts for it. 

AI Prompts for highlighted text on webpages

This is a time saver when you would like to learn more about something or rapidly generate ideas and content about it using AI.

Pretty cool.

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