How To Change DuckDuckGo Settings

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that emphasizes user privacy and anonymity. Unlike many other search engines, it does not track or collect any personal information about its users, and it does not personalize search results based on user data. Instead, it delivers the same search results to all users, making it more difficult for advertisers and other third parties to track and target individual users. 

DuckDuckGo homepage

You can configure various settings for DuckDuckGo for the web. Here is how:

Go to the DuckDuckGo homepage and click on the menu icon from the top right. Choose All Settings.

Accessing settings from the DuckDuckGo homepage

This opens the settings page. 

DuckDuckGo settings

By default, the search results returned by DuckDuckGo are for all regions.

Change region for search results in DuckDuckGo

If you want to tweak them for a particular geographic region, you can change them from the Region drop-down menu.

Safe Search by default is set to Moderate. You can change it to Strict or disable it from the Safe Search section.

Also, ads are displayed in DuckDuckGo. But you can choose to turn them off from the Advertisements option if needed.

Change Safe Search settings, opt out of ads and more

There are other settings too like toggling on/off infinite scrolling, autocomplete suggestions and instant answers, page numbers, horizontal lines, and more which can be changed from this settings page.

Settings include opting out of download links for it's browser add-ons andprivacy newsletter

If needed, you can also choose to opt out of privacy newsletters sign-up forms, download links for the browser add-ons, and homepage privacy tips.

To save the changes, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save and Exit button.

All done. Happy searching.

  1. Me says:

    Thanks, but didn’t help me.
    How do you configure the home page?
    How do you configure it to clear all browsing data on exit?
    How do you configure other search engines?

    • admin says:

      That depends on the browser you’re using. Most of the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Edge have similar privacy and browsing settings for each of these tasks.

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