Sports Betting App Development: Must-Have Features

While the sports betting market has grown significantly over the last two decades, it has gone through tremendous challenges in the past. According to market research, the sports betting market is growing by $134 billion annually. As such, sports betting apps have a huge chance to make more revenue, while boosting the industry. However, sports betting app developers must incorporate certain features in their applications to remain relevant in the highly-competitive market. These must-have features include:

User Panel

A sports betting app needs to have an intuitive user panel that’s easy for the eye, making the navigation seamless. As such, the user interface must have:

– Easy login page

A must-have in every custom sports betting app including Betway, a log-in page is essential for signing in members into a betting platform. The log-in feature should only require a username/email and password for easy access.

– Player or sports options

 Every comprehensive sports betting app needs to offer multiple options for sports and leagues. That also goes for the players featured in all the teams in the featured leagues.

– Live streaming

A live-streaming feature is essential for most types of bets, especially teasers. The punters need to have a solid point of reference to effectively make informed decisions in a timely manner. That’s especially important when placing an in-play bet at the Betway sportsbook.

– Selecting betting types

Assuming there are various types of bets in the sports betting app, the user needs to have the ability to easily choose what they need.

– Practice and free play

New players need to have the ability to enjoy the gameplay and hone their skills without risking losing their cash and that’s why the free play feature is crucial in modern sports betting apps.

– Better privacy and control

Sports betting apps must guarantee the privacy of their customers. After all, gamblers will always shun mobile apps that aren’t transparent with their privacy policies.

– Convenient communication

Like any form of digital entertainment, sports betting has a social aspect to it. As such, a good sports betting app needs to have live chat features.

Admin Panel

The admin panel helps the operator to effectively manage the gameplay and it needs several essential features:

– User management

As an app admin, you need to have an easy time managing the users, how they place their bets, and tracking their wagers. Fortunately, a well-designed dashboard will do the trick.

– Access to bookmakers

The bookmakers determine the profit share in every event since they’re the only ones with the data regarding the bets on players and teams.

– Prize and payment management

The app’s admin must be able to seamlessly manage the cash received from wagers and the money given to winners.


While the above must-have features are enough to get your sports betting up and running, ensure you stay updated with the latest trends in gaming app development. You never know when a new trend fits into your app’s objectives, helping you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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