How To Mute and Unmute Gmail Messages

Gmail has the option of muting messages. Muting is different from archiving as the muted message won’t again come back to your inbox if there are any new replies to it.

Here is how to use it:

To mute a Gmail message, right-click on it and select Mute.

Choose Gmail message to mute

This will mute the message, you can still undo it for a few seconds if you change your mind. After that, the message goes away from the inbox.

automatically undo mute in Gmail
Where do the muted messages go: 

No worries, you can still access them from the All Mail folder.

All Mail folder in Gmail

The message will have a Muted label next to it.

Gmail messages with the Muted label next to them

To unmute it, right-click and choose Unmute.

Unmute Gmail messages from the All Mail folder

On unmuting, you will see that message again back in your inbox unless you undo that.

A neat trick: 

You can also sort messages from specific senders and then mute and unmute all the messages from them.

sort all messages by senders and then mute or unmute them

Happy emailing.

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