Toggle The Wayback Machine Prompt In Brave Browser

The Wayback Machine is an online service that allows users to see archived versions of websites. This can be useful for seeing how a website used to look or for finding information that is no longer available on the current website. It is a great free tool for anyone who wants to take a trip down memory lane or who needs to find information that is no longer available on the internet.

Brave browser already has this service enabled by default. So whenever any webpage is not found (a 404 error), there will be a prompt at the top of that page asking you whether you want to use The Wayback Machine to find its saved version.

Wayback Machine prompt on 404 pages in Brave browser

You can toggle The Wayback Machine prompt if needed. Here is how:

Open Brave browser, and type in the address bar:


accessing Brave browser settings

Then, scroll down and click on the Help tips section.

Help tips option in Brave browser

Alternatively, you can access it directly from the address bar by typing:


directly access Brave browser Help tips settings

This will show a couple of settings on the right side.

Toggle Wayback Machine prompt and multiple tabs open warning in Brave browser

The first is the toggling of The Wayback Machine prompt on the pages with 404 errors. The second one too is useful. It is for warning you before closing a window with multiple tabs open. Pretty handy.

By the way, The Wayback Machine service is also available as a Firefox and Chrome add-on.

Happy browsing.

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