Speed Read In Google Chrome With Jiffy Reader

What is Bionic reading

Bionic reading is a speed reading technique that allows you to read at significantly faster speeds without compromising comprehension or quality. The average person reads at around 200-250 words per minute (wpm), but with bionic reading, you can easily reach speeds of 1,000 wpm or more.

So, how does it work? The answer lies in the way our brains process information. When we read normally, we see each word individually and process it sequentially. Bionic reading, on the other hand, relies on something called the ‘grouping principle’. This allows you to group words and process them as a single unit.

normal reading vs bionic reading

Not only does this make you read faster, but it also makes you more efficient and can help improve your memory recall. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your reading and boost your comprehension, bionic reading is worth trying!

Jiffy Reader Chrome extension

There is a speed reading extension Jiffy Reader for Chrome that supports bionic reading. Download it from the Chrome Web Store.

Jiffy Reader for Chrome

After downloading and installing it, pin the extension next to the Chrome address bar.

pin icon in Chrome

pin Jiffy Reader next to Chrome address bar

Using Jiffy Reader is easy. Once it is active the text on the web pages will appear as bold letters at certain points (grouping principle). It helps with bionic reading.

Bionic reading text with Jiffy Reader in Chrome

Speed read in Google Chrome with Jiffy Reader

There is also a keyboard shortcut for Jiffy Reader: use Alt+B to enable it. To configure different speed reading settings, click on the extension icon and choose between Global and Site.

Jiffy Reader has global and site specific settings

So you can configure Jiffy Reader on a per-site basis too.

change reading settings in Jiffy Reader

The default settings are fine as they are though.

Jiffy Reader by default is disabled for incognito mode. To enable it right click on the extension icon and select Manage extension.accessing Jiffy Reader settingsThen scroll down to the settings page and turn it on for incognito mode.

allow Jiffy Reader in incognito mode

If you want to give bionic reading a try when using Chrome, then do try out Jiffy Reader.

Also, if you would like to save time while typing in Chrome, then Text Blaze is a useful add-on for that.

Happy speed reading.

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