How To Manage Windows Apps From The Command Line

If you are looking to manage applications from the command line in Windows, then Winget is the right tool for you. It can let you install, uninstall, upgrade and search for different apps using Windows PowerShell. It is a command-line client interface to the Windows Package Manager Service and is easy to use.

Linux command-line fans will feel right at home when using Winget to install, upgrade and remove Windows apps. 馃檪

It is available by default in Windows 10 version 1709 and later and comes by default with Windows 11.

Here is how to use it:

It is better to open Windows PowerShell as an administrator as managing apps can require elevated privileges. Search for PowerShell from the Windows search box and click Run as Administrator.

accessing Windows Powershell

From the PowerShell command line, type in winget to get a feel of what it has to offer.

winget options

Search for different apps:

To search for an application in the Microsoft Store, use the search parameter:

聽winget search appname

search for an app using winget

It displays all the available versions of the app that can be installed.

Get app details:

To find the details of an application, use the show parameter:

聽winget show appname

list app details with winget

This shows different details of the app like version, type, pricing, and more.

List, upgrade and uninstall apps:

Where winget becomes really useful is in updating the installed apps on the PC. To find the list of installed apps, use the list parameter:

聽winget list

display installed apps as a list with winget

This will show the list of apps installed alphabetically.

For upgrading all the installed apps, use the upgrade command:

聽winget upgrade 鈥揳ll

upgrade installed apps in one go with winget
It will automatically uninstall the older version and upgrade it to a newer one.

To uninstall apps, use the uninstall command followed by the app name:

聽winget uninstall appname聽

uninstall apps with winget

This is a useful PowerShell-based tool that can make managing apps easier and quicker just by typing in a few commands.

All done.

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    It felt good to know Managing windows apps from The Command Line. Who is looking to manage applications, winget can be right tool for them.

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