How To Customize The Firefox Home Tab Content

Mozilla Firefox is a good web browser that offers many features and benefits that users can take advantage of. It is known for its speed, security, and customization options, making it a great choice for users who want a reliable and user-friendly web browser.

The Home tab in Firefox by default can be a little cluttered as it displays many things. It includes your last visited sites, the search box, curated articles from Pocket, and sponsored shortcuts among others.

Home tab content in Firefox

The default Firefox Home tab appearance


This can be changed so that it only displays what is needed. Here is how:

Open Firefox and access settings by clicking on Tools > Settings.

accessing Firefox settings

Then choose Home from the left pane.

Home settings in Firefox

Alternatively, access this directly by typing in the Firefox address bar the following:


accessing Firefox Home Content settings directly from the address bar

The Firefox Home Content has everything enabled.

Toggle different options for the Firefox Home tab

Toggle each of these to get the required home tab appearance as needed. Once these changes are applied, the home tab will change depending on the selections enabled or disabled.

Firefox Home tab with just the search box enabled

Firefox Home tab with only the search box visible

Happy browsing. All done.

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