How To Disable The Internal PDF Viewer In Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi, by default, directly opens PDF files within new tabs in its internal PDF viewer.

PDF file opened in Vivaldi's internal PDF viewer

So if you use other PDF readers to open files, you can avoid this and directly save the PDF files by disabling Vivaldi’s PDF viewer.

Here is how:

Access Vivaldi’s webpage settings by typing in the address bar:


Scroll down to the PLUGINS section. From there, disable the option Enable Internal PDF Viewer.

accessing Vivaldi's webpage settings

After this is done, the PDF files will no longer be displayed directly in Vivaldi. Instead, you will get a download prompt for saving them.

PDF files will be downloaded instead of opened after disabling the internal PDF viewer in Vivaldi browser.

Various other browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox too have built-in PDF viewers that can be toggled on/off as needed.

Happy browsing.

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