Quickly Fix GCC Fatal Error In Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Ubuntu/Linux Mint like most other Linux distributions by default comes with GCC pre-installed (The GNU Compiler Collection). So, you can directly write code in C/C++ and compile it from the Terminal.

However, when using GCC, you may see errors during the compilation of C/C++ programs that look something like this.

GCC compliation terminated error

There is an easy fix for this. Install the build-essential package that has the required libraries.

Here is how:

Open Terminal and type in:

 sudo apt install build-essential

install build-essential package in Linux Mint

Type Y to proceed with the installation of essential GCC build and development libraries.

After it is installed, you can try compiling the C/C++ code.

Compiling and executing C/C++ code from Linux Mint Terminal

The compilation error would be fixed, so you can then execute the program.

Happy compiling.

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