Extract Links From Web Pages With Link Gopher In Firefox

It can be useful to extract all the links/URLs from a webpage and view them as a list in a new tab. This list can then be saved.

For Firefox, there is a useful add-on that does just that. It’s Link Gopher. Download and install it from the Firefox add-ons page here.

Link Gopher add-on page

Click on Okay to enable it.

Link Gopher installed in Firefox

It will be available in the add-ons area next to the Firefox address bar. Using Link Gopher is simple. Go to a web page and click on the add-on icon.

Extract links from webpages

Then click on the Extract All Links button.

This automatically parses and extracts all the URLs from that webpage and lists them in a new tab.

List of extracted URLs by Link Gopher

Link Gopher also supports searching for strings. So, for example, to search for only those URLs in a webpage that have the term “linux”, click on the add-on icon, and click on the Extract Links by Filter button. Then, enter the specific term in the search box (“linux” in this example) and click OK .

selectively extract URLs with Link Gopher

Link Gopher will selectively parse and extract only those URLs that include this term and show the list in a new tab.

List of selectively extracted URLs with Link Gopher

There are not many settings to configure for Link Gopher. Right-click on the add-on and select Manage Extension.

accessing Link Gopher options

By default, Link Gopher is disabled in private browsing, but you can enable it if needed.

Toggle Link Gopher for private browsing in Firefox

Overall, this is a handy Firefox URL management-related add-on to extract and view links from web pages.

There is another similar add-on called Snap Links Plus which opens multiple URLs from a web page in different tabs.

Happy browsing.

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