What Is The Privacy Guide In Google Chrome

Google Chrome now has a privacy guide by which you can review and change the privacy settings after knowing what they can do.

To access this tool, open privacy settings in Chrome by typing in the address bar:


accessing chrome privacy settings

Then click on Privacy Guide.

Chrome privacy settings

It will open a wizard with on-screen instructions. Click on the Next button to continue.

Chrome Privacy Guide

The Privacy Guide has two rows:

When on and Things to consider. These show the pros and cons of changing each setting and make it simpler to tweak privacy settings.

The Privacy Guide covers these four main settings:

Search and browsing quality: To make browsing, suggestions, and searches smoother and quicker, keep this setting on.

search and browsing privacy settings

History sync: Syncing your browsing history is a useful setting that ensures a consistent browsing experience when signed in across multiple devices.

history sync privacy settings

You can toggle this privacy setting as needed.

Safe Browsing protection: The default Standard protection settings in Chrome are sufficient for regular use.

safe browsing protection privacy settings

You can switch to the more restrictive Enhanced protection mode if needed.

Third-party cookies: This privacy setting involves blocking third-party cookies. By default, they are blocked only in the Incognito mode.

third-party cookies privacy settings

To block all third-party cookies during regular browsing, enable the option Block all third-party cookies. Doing so, though, may impact the browsing experience, especially for online shopping and other e-commerce sites.

This Chrome Privacy Guide is a useful interactive tool that makes it easy to change privacy settings based on what they do and how they can impact your browsing experience.

privacy guide review complete

There are other useful Chrome features like Privacy Sandbox that can be changed if needed.

Happy browsing.

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