Automate Mouse Actions With AutoMouse

AutoMouse is a Windows freeware that can automatically simulate mouse clicks. It can also record mouse actions which can later be replayed. This tool can be useful for automated testing and simulating user actions.

AutoMouse home page

Download and install it from here. There is also a portable zip version available.

After it is installed, launch it. The interface is simple with Auto Clicker settings at the top, and the Mouse Recorder settings at the bottom.

AutoMouse interface

Using AutoMouse clicker:

Choose the left or right mouse button to simulate clicks.

choosing which mouse button to simulate

By default, the click interval is set to 1000 ms (1 second). This can be changed.

changing the click interval settings

To automatically click, place the cursor on that area/file/ folder, and press CTRL+B. This will simulate manual mouse clicks automatically.

Pressing CTRL +N will stop the automatic clicking.

Using AutoMouse recorder:

To record mouse activities, click on the Record button or ALT+B. You can then enable/disable automatic clicking with CTRL+B and CTRL+N, or use the mouse manually. To stop the mouse recording, press ALT+N.

Mouse recorder settings

The recorded actions are saved as an AutoMouse Record File with the .arf extension.

saving mouse recording as an arf file

This file can then be loaded and replayed as needed.

mouse recording saved

Other settings:

other AutoMouse options

To change the default shortcut keys, click on Hot Keys and remap them as needed.

hotkey settings for AutoMouse

The interface language can be changed by clicking the Language button and choosing from the available list of languages.

language settings for AutoMouse

Overall, this is a lightweight and freeware for automating mouse actions.

All done.

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