How To Use Visual Search In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now includes a visual search. Using this, you can search images and also extract text from them. Besides that, you can also find other images relevant to the ones searched.

Here is how to use this feature:

Open the Edge browser, and right-click on any image from a webpage. Then, choose Visual Search.

choosing an image for visual search in Edge

This will open a Bing sidebar which will display other similar images and their sources.

Search results returned through visual search

Also, to extract text from within the searched image, click on the tab Text in this image.

extract text from images in Edge with visual search

It will display all the text that is available in the image. You can then copy-paste it too if needed or search just the text.

The Related content tab will display similar images along with the source websites.

Related content for searched images in Edge

This can be useful if you are researching for more information and would like to view relevant results.

It is a useful feature in Edge which makes image lookups and extracting text from them simple.

All done.

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