How To Manage Profiles In Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser has a profile manager by which you can add, delete and manage profiles. This is useful when you need to create profiles for different users or have a separate profile for work, personal, and other browsing purposes.

Here is how to manage Vivaldi profiles:

Open Vivaldi browser, and in the address bar, type in:


vivaldi settings

This opens the Vivaldi settings page. Click on the Address Bar option from the left pane. Then, from the right pane, scroll down to the Manage Profiles button.

Manage profiles option in Vivaldi

The Vivaldi profiles screen will list the existing profiles. Also, at the bottom of this screen is the Guest Mode button.

Vivaldi profiles page

So, to browse as a guest rather than make a new profile, use that option. To edit an existing profile, click on the dot icon next to the profile name. There will be options of Edit and Delete.

edit or delete existing Vivaldi profiles

Alternatively, you can go to the profile editing settings by typing in the address bar:


To add a profile, click on the Add + sign. Then, name the profile, and set a theme color and an avatar.

editing a vivaldi profile

The profile will be added to the Profiles screen. Also, for more than one profile, you will need to select the profile to use on launching Vivaldi.

Happy browsing.

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