Beginner’s Guide To Group Availability Calendars And Their Benefits

Collaboration is key to business efficiency and success. Teams that work together should take advantage of collaboration tools such as group availability calendars to view common tasks, meetings, schedules, and other activities that can be shared through group calendars. An online calendar for groups is the best option because teams can access it remotely and see actions in real-time.

Whether you run a B2B or BC ecommerce, you can take advantage of a group availability calendar to plan, schedule, allocate tasks, stay organized, and achieve high efficiency in your business. As a newbie to group calendars, we have some important insights for you.

What to Look for in a Group Availability Calendar

A group shared calendar is a collaboration tool that should not miss in any online business or any other organization. If you are looking for an efficient group availability calendar, ensure that it has the following features:

  • Online accessibility: Digital solutions work best when they are accessible over the web. Your shred calendar app or platform should be accessible online from any location. It makes it best for remote team collaboration.
  • Integration with other platforms: The best group availability calendar should integrate with your existing tools or solutions. For instance, the SharePoint calendar integrates with various ASP.NET ecommerce solutions, which adds more benefits to an ecommerce. Whichever group calendar app or platform you choose should integrate with your other tools for more efficiency.
  • Permission and access control: It is important to have access control to shared calendars. The best group availability calendar should give team leaders, managers, or business owners more rights than the other team members. In many cases, the administrator gives rights when sharing the calendar with the team members or external users.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: A user-friendly platform is better for all team members, including those who are not tech-savvy. Fortunately, many of them consolidate tasks and schedules into simple job cards and task boards that are easy to use and follow.
  • Secure calendars: All shared calendars should promote data security through access control, data encryption, or anything else. Before using a group availability calendar, you should check if it promotes data integrity and security.

Example of the Best Group Availability Calendar

  • SharePoint calendar: If you are looking for the best group availability calendar, try SharePoint calendar. It is a multi-purpose tool with smart features to help any business collaborate well. It can be installed independently or as a web part on an ecommerce platform. Regardless, creating a SharePoint calendar in teams will help you assign tasks, schedule events, and meetings, and give teams various rights. This communal calendar has many benefits and the climax of it is increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Outlook calendar: Have you ever thought of Outlook calendar as a shared calendar? This is an incredible group availability calendar for people using Microsoft office 365. Anyone can create a calendar and share it with team members to see tasks, schedules, or any other activities. The best thing is that Outlook calendars can be synced with SharePoint calendars to avoid jumping from one tab to another. Teams can see tasks in both calendars on one platform.
  • Calendly calendar: Would you like to schedule tasks and meetings without sending emails all over? This is the group availability calendar that you need to adopt in your business or organization. Using this tool is pretty simple in a business. Teams are assigned a scheduling page where others can see when you are online and what you have scheduled.
  • Asana calendar: Asana is more than a calendar. It allows the creation of sharable and assignable tasks to remote teams. It organizes tasks using boards or lists, and you can prioritize tasks using dates or comments. This tool is compatible with mobile phones and computers, which make it very flexible.
  • Google Calendar: This is more like an individual calendar, but it is accessible by teams in an organization. Google Workspace is detailed because team leaders can layer everyone’s calendars on one platform and even comment on them. There is a lot that a team can achieve with Google calendar and it is worth trying, especially in a business start-up.


Any group availability calendar is important because it makes collaboration easier. With this teams can hit their goals without challenges. To manage tasks and schedules in a team, you need to buy an availability calendar for groups that will deliver positive results and one that is available. For now, you have insights to help you make the right decisions.

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