The OneDrive Standalone Storage Plan: What Is It

The free plan for OneDrive storage includes up to 5 GB of storage. To get more space, usually, an Office subscription is needed which includes all the Office apps and a OneDrive storage of 1 TB. However, if you just need some extra space for OneDrive without opting for the Office subscription, there is a standalone plan available too. This plan offers a space of 100 GB without any other services, which for most purposes is sufficient for regular and personal use.

Also, this is a useful and inexpensive plan compared with other cloud storage services. It is also optimum if you are not looking to use Office apps but still need a lot more storage than the free OneDrive storage limit of 5 GB.

Here is how to get it:

Go to the OneDrive plans and pricing page here. The prices will vary based on your region and currency. The plans have monthly and annual subscriptions.

OneDrive plans and pricing for home use

Under the For home section, the four plans will be listed. The OneDrive Standalone plan will be included here as one of them. To know more about the difference between each of these plans, scroll down the pricing page.

difference between the storage plans

Except for the OneDrive Standalone plan, all other plans include Office apps with a 1 TB OneDrive storage. The OneDrive Standalone plan will list only OneDrive as the service included. Click on the Buy now button to subscribe to this plan.

OneDrive standalone storage plan

Confirming the OneDrive storage limits upgrade:

After subscribing to this standalone plan, you can confirm the upgraded storage limits for OneDrive. This can be done by accessing your Microsoft account page and clicking on the Manage link from the Subscriptions section.

Active subscription in Microsoft account

It will list the subscription details.

Subscription details for OneDrive standalone plan

The other way is to click on the OneDrive icon from the system tray and choose Settings.

OneDrive icon in the Windows system tray

accessing OneDrive settings

Then, click on the Account tab. It will show both the used and available storage limits.

checking the OneDrive account limits

Overall, this is a good plan for personal use and if you don’t want to use Office apps yet want a higher storage limit for OneDrive.

All done.

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