Scientific Calculator For Google Chrome

Scientific Calculator is a Google Chrome add-on that is a lightweight calculator useful for scientific calculations. It works offline too.

Download and install it from the Web Store here.

Scientific Calculator Chrome add-on

After installing, click on the Extensions button and pin the Scientific Calculator icon next to the Chrome address bar.

Extensions button in Chrome

pinning the add-on icon of Scientific Calculator

Using Scientific Calculator is easy. Click on the add-on icon to get started or use the keyboard shortcut Alt + C.

There is no simple or standard calculator view because it is a scientific calculator and can do more than the usual arithmetic calculations.

Scientific Calculator view

For a series of nested calculations or the ones that have parentheses, it uses PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction) approach to calculating. With this calculator, you can perform calculations up to a precision of 15 digits.

Various scientific calculations include finding trigonometric values, exponential functions, factorial calculations, and more.

Using Scientific Calculator:

To calculate the inverse trigonometric functions, click on the button labeled 2nd or the Space bar. This will switch these functions to the inverse mode.

Inverse and second functions in Scientific Calculator

Clicking on the mc button will clear all the calculations from the memory. The m+ and m- buttons add and remove the displayed numbers from the memory. The mr button replaces the previous value displayed with the existing one. To get the log base 10 values, click on the log button (shortcut keys Shift + L).

To get the factorial values of integers, enter the integer and then press the x! button. Toggle between degrees and radians using the Deg / Rad button. The π button is for displaying the value of Pi.

pi button in Scientific Calculator

List of functions and incognito mode:

To know what the buttons do, right-click on the add-on icon and select Options.

accessing options for Scientific Calculator

This will show a help page with a brief description of different buttons and keyboard shortcuts.

a list of standard functions

a list of scientific functions

To use the Scientific Calculator in Incognito, right-click on the add-on icon and select Manage extension.

enabling Scientific Calculator in incognito mode

Then enable the option Allow in Incognito.

It is a useful Chrome add-on for performing scientific calculations anytime.

Happy calculating.

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