How To Swap Faces From Photos With AI Technology

We used to have fun with face swapping as it is interesting to replace one person’s face with another one’s. Before AI technology and deepfake were born, you would have needed to learn Photoshop skills to interchange your face with another person. It would take a long time and it may seem unreal and strange if you are new to face swapping.

With the help of AI technology, machine learning, and deepfakes models, you can handle the face swapping process by using neural networks and computer vision. You can even try real-time face swapping. The models will detect your face and rebuild the face in the photos or live videos in super-fast speed. It is an automatic process and you do not need to swap faces manually by using Photoshop.

Brief Introduction of Face swapper AI

Face Swapper AI is a new online tool that could swap your face with that of someone else. It is a source of endless entertainment. The key feature of this face swapper is their new face swapping model and it produces high-quality swapping photos. It works fast, stable, and more importantly, is 100% free.

Face Swapper AI

How to use Face Swapper AI

  • The is no learning curve for this face swapper online tool.
  • Go to the website and add the photo you want to swap
  • On the next page, you can choose the face from the sample gallery or add a new one from your local computer
  • Click on the Swap Now button.
  • Wait for about 50 seconds, you should see the Swap successfully. After that, you will see the result on the page.

Photo face swapping

There should be some notes when using this face-swapping tool.

First, choose two photos for face swapping. It would help if you considered several aspects. Compare image size and resolution. If not, find compatible photos. Avoid tiny images. Compressing it down to a picture causes no loss, but stretching it out causes blurry and pixelated features in an otherwise fine head.

The subjects should all face the same way. If you’re using this technique for the first time, have their faces on more or less the same angle. The blend must also have similar light. Finally, start with simple faces. Avoid portraits with hair across the face.

Benefits of using face swapping

1. Free. It is a free tool and no account, or subscription plans currently.
2. Privacy protected. All images and uploaded faces will be cleared up within 24 hours.
3. Fast. It works fast and the swapping will only take about 30 to 50 seconds.

An alternative tool to face swapper AI

1. FaceApp

FaceApp uses artificial intelligence to assist you in making changes to your appearance. Whether you want to look younger or older, apply more or less makeup, grow a mustache, or change your hairstyle, you and your friends can have a good time with any of these activities. Play around changing your appearance, and you’ll find the results hilarious.

2. Icon8 face swapper

Icons8 is an American company that offers tools for designers. Historically, Icons8 has concentrated on manufacturing computer icons, but it has recently expanded into the production of stock photos, stock audio, and graphic design tools. As a result, Icons8 delivers a variety of graphic designer goods. A link to the Icons8 website is required by a proprietary link ware agreement tied to the free items.

3. PhotoShop

Photoshop is always the best tool that you can do anything, face swapping is also included. But it will take quite a few steps to get the final result. You need to get two face photos ready. Select and copy one face from photo A by using Lasso Tool and paste it onto photo B. Resize the new face layer and create a clipping mask. Change the tone and modify the contract by using the Auto-Blend layers in the Edit dropdown menu. Frankly speaking, it is not quite simple to do that.


Although face swapping has fun, it seems innocent if you surprise your friend, without asking them if they allow you to swap their faces. More importantly, you can not use the face-swapping technology for illegal purposes and publish the swapped face without the owners’ consent.

In this article, I have introduced different tools and you can go ahead with the best one you like. If you are a photoshop professor, Photoshop should be your first choice, always. If you are using the phone for switching faces, FaceApp may be the option. If you need to edit your photos and use some other features, Icon8 will provide more functionalities that you can choose from. If you just want to swap faces for fun and hope it could be processed fast, then check out Face Swapper AI.

Anyway, just have fun.

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