How to Manage Your Online Marketplace’s Digital Assets

If you’re a big-time marketplace owner, it’s time to get serious about your digital assets. If you’re looking for a quick way to increase sales and make life easier for yourself and your marketing team, then what better solution could there be than adopting a digital asset management platform?

Managers and site owners need to become familiar with digital assets and the assets management platforms that are available to them. The key word is “management.” This isn’t just about keeping a bunch of screenshots on your desk or making sure everything is present in a folder on your hard drive. We’re talking about taking an in-depth look at how to manage your digital assets as a business, so your marketing team can build campaigns around them.

Google Drive isn’t a Digital Asset Management Solution

Don’t go thinking that you can do everything in Google Drive. You can upload some images and PDFs, but Google Drive doesn’t have a tagging system like many asset management systems with file-naming conventions. To make things more specific, you need to be able to set up tags around your photo assets, such as headshots/people, video assets, and detailed pictures of products.

Automated Access Privilege Rules

In addition to a tagging system, you can improve the way you manage your digital assets by implementing automated access rules. This can save a considerable amount of time normally required for adding and removing users from the DAM.

Ecommerce Sites Need Digital Asset Management Tools

Modern eCommerce platforms are designed to help you push out content more quickly and easily than ever before, but they do not have a solution in place to help streamline the business side of things. For example, a change of season not only requires that a website’s images are updated to reflect the new season, but the products may also need updating or moving. A DAM will streamline the process of finding, using, and retiring images to ensure users have quick and effective access to relevant files.

Quick and easy content creation

Digital assets help marketers create content faster. If you are using a CMS and you need a lot of images for an ad campaign or any other publication, a DAM will help you bring the images together from all sources quickly and easily. It also helps to ensure that everything is kept consistent in case editors need to do some work on existing assets.

A Solution for Your Marketing Team

Digital asset management is for everyone, but it’s especially useful for your marketing team. Marketing professionals can save a lot of time – as many as several hours each day – by implementing DAM tools. Instead of having to go hunting through folders on computers and storage drives, they get direct access to everything they need at the click of a button.

A digital asset management solution is a must for anyone whose company relies on marketing content. That’s just about every eCommerce site, every advertising agency, and every brand with a social media presence.

A DAM can help you streamline your workflow, cut down on errors, and save time. It can reduce the risk of data loss by keeping your files organized and accessible from one central location. If you’ve been doing things the old-fashioned way for too long, it’s time to take a serious look at what DAM can do for your business.

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