How To Change Autoplay Settings In Firefox

Autoplay settings for different websites can be changed individually in Firefox. That means you can set certain websites to autoplay audio/video or have those turned off.

Here is how to do that:

Open Firefox and type in the address bar:


accessing firefox preferences

Then, from the left pane, click on Privacy & Security.

privacy and security settings in firefox

Scroll down to the Permissions section. Then select Settings for Autoplay.

accessing autoplay settings in Firefox

The default autoplay setting for all the websites allows audio and video. 

change default autoplay settings for Firefox

You can change it to block audio, both, and none from the drop-down menu.

enable or disable audio video autoplay

Also, when you visit websites, there will be an icon that asks you to autoplay audio/video.

autoplay prompt in Firefox

If those permissions are given, they can be edited from the Autoplay settings. The added websites will be listed along with their autoplay settings.

changing autoplay settings for individual websites in Firefox

You can then change these permissions on a per-website basis if needed.

To revoke permissions for all the added websites, click on the Remove All Websites button. Doing so will prompt you to set autoplay settings on visiting all the websites that have audio/video enabled.

There are useful Firefox add-ons too that can autoplay videos in HD from websites like YouTube.

All done.


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