Enable Cycling Through Photos In The New Photos App For Windows

When using the new Photos app in Windows to view photos, the mouse wheel will zoom in and out of the current photo instead of cycling through different ones in the collection.

This can be changed if needed. Here is how:

Open the Photos app and click on the dots icon at the top-right.

accessing Photos app

Then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

From the Viewing and Editing section, scroll down to the Mouse wheel section. The default option selected here will be Zoom in and out. Instead, change it to View the next or previous item.

change the mouse wheel settings in Photos app

So, from now on, you can use the mouse wheel to view the previous or next photo in the collection.

Dark mode:

Also, just like the Mail and Calendar app, the Photos app too now supports dark mode. To enable it, from the Viewing and Editing section, scroll down to the Appearance section.

change dark mode settings in Photos app

Change the mode to Dark. For this change to take effect, close and reopen the Photos app.

Dark mode in Photos app
Happy viewing.

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