Enable Opera Browser Notifications When Closing Tabs And Windows

Opera browser can display notifications/warnings when closing the current window with active tabs and also when closing new windows with active tabs.

Here is how to access these settings:

Open Opera and click on the menu icon. Then choose Settings.

accessing Opera menu
Expand the Advanced section from the left pane. Then click on Browser.

accessing browser feature from Opera settings
From the settings shown on the right pane, scroll down to the User interface section.

user interface settings in Opera browser
Enable the option of Warn on closing window with multiple tabs.

warning for closing window with multiple tabs in Opera

When this is enabled, you will see a notification like this while trying to close the browser when it has tabs opened in a new window.

warning when closing a new Opera window with open tabs

Enable the option of Warn on quitting Opera with multiple tabs open.

warning for closing Opera with multiple tabs




This will show a notification when trying to close the browser with active tabs without any other new windows open.

warning when closing Opera browser with open tabs

Besides using the new windows to manage the browser space better, you can also add workspaces in Opera to streamline browsing.

All done.

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