Enable Dark Mode For Windows Mail And Calendar App

The Mail and Calendar app that comes by default with Windows 10/11 has some pretty useful features. It also now has a dark mode that makes it easier to read and reply to messages in low-light environments.

Here is how to enable this mode:

Open the Mail and Calendar app and click on the gear icon.

settings icon in Mail and Calendar app
Then, click on Personalization.

accessing Personalization settings
There are three modes listed: Light mode, Dark mode, and Use my Windows mode being the default one. Select Dark mode.

enabling dark mode for Mail and Calendar app
The Mail and Calendar interface will now turn dark.

Dark mode in Windows Mail and Calendar app

Besides enabling the dark mode, you can also selectively toggle between light and dark mode for individual messages. To do so, select any of the messages in the inbox and click on the light bulb icon.

toggling light mode for individual messages
It will enable light mode for that message.

toggling dark mode for individual messages

Clicking the dark mode option will once again switch that message to dark mode. This is a useful feature to have as some messages may not render as expected or are less readable in dark mode as compared to the default modes.

Pretty useful.

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