How To Enable High Visibility Outline In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser has a built-in feature that can highlight the boundaries of the focus area on a web page.

Edge accessibility feature
This is useful when clicking on links and navigating the various sections on a web page.

Here is how to enable this high visibility outline in Microsoft Edge:

Open the Edge browser and click on the menu icon from the top right. Then click on Settings.

accessing Edge settings

Under the Settings section, choose Accessibility.

Accessibility settings in Edge

Alternatively, from the Edge address bar, type in the following to access it:


Edge accessibility settings from the address bar

From the Accessibility section, enable the option of Show a high visibility outline around the area of focus on the page.

high visibility outline for Edge browser

When this is enabled, clicking on any area on the web page while using Edge will display a prominent black rectangular outline making it easier to see the selection.

prominent outline visible in Edge

This is applicable when clicking on hyperlinks and navigating through different features in the Edge browser.

High visibility outline when clicking on different links on a web page

It is a useful feature that along with increasing the zoom levels from the Accessibility section makes navigating in Edge easier.

high visibility outline in microsoft edge

Happy browsing.

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