Customize The New Tab Dashboard In Brave Browser

The new tab dashboard in the Brave browser by default shows different information like Brave stats, time, and more.

Brave dashboard

Customizing options:

These can be customized if needed. To do that, click on the Customise button from the bottom row of the dashboard.

customise button for Brave dashboard

It will show various customization options for the new tab dashboard as follows:

Background Images: Change the dashboard background through this option by browsing through the Brave backgrounds collection. You can also set your images as a dashboard background.

background image option for Brave dashboard

(A similar option is available in the Edge browser too. Here is how.)

Brave Stats: These stats are by default visible and show certain browsing-related numbers like the time saved, bandwidth saved, and so on while using the Brave browser.

Toggle Brave Stats on or off

Toggle it through the Show Brave Stats option.

Top Sites: A list of most browsed or frequently visited sites are shown using the Top Sites feature and displayed in the dashboard. You can also instead display your favorite sites.

Enable or disable top sites in Brave dashboard
To turn this off, toggle the Top sites option.

Brave News: This is off by default but can be enabled through the Brave News option. You can add your feed URL too from here.


There will be a list of categories for news topics under the Sources section. Choose as needed. You can also toggle different websites under each of these categories from which you would want to receive news.

configuring Brave News sources

You can also toggle different websites under each of these categories from which you would want to receive news.

choose news sources for Brave News

Once enabled, the news headlines will be displayed at the bottom of the dashboard under the Brave News category.

Clock: Brave browser, by default, shows the clock in the dashboard. Turn it on/off through the Clock option.

Clock options for Brave dashboard

You can also customize it using the locale option or by choosing between the 12/24-hour format.

Cards: These are different information widgets displayed on the dashboard. You can add specific ones from the Cards section (like Brave Talk), or from the list.

choose the cards to add to Brave dashboard

Click on the Add button to have the cards on the dashboard.

So, the new tab dashboard in the Brave browser can be customized to fill it up with various information or be kept as a plain background depending on preferences.

 Brave dashboard customized

Happy browsing.

  1. Patrick says:

    A whole article devoted to what’s completely obvious… clicking on Customize? And a background, a clock and 6 recently used sites is not much of a customization, especially when there’s already a clock on the taskbar and a favorites bar on the browser. Brave’s dashboard is so lame.