Convert HTML Files To PDF With This Free Offline Tool

It can be convenient to convert HTML files to PDF for better portability and compatibility. For Windows, a free offline tool that can do this is Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter.

It can also convert XML and text files to PDF and supports batch conversion.

Download and install it from here.

Download page of Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter

After it is installed, launch it. The interface will have two options for accepting the source files: through a URL and through adding the saved HTML files.

Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter interface

The URL option is an easy way to directly convert a webpage to PDF and save it, similar to the htmldoc utility in Linux.

Using files:

To add saved HTML files, click on the Add Files button and add them. Multiple files too can be added.

add local files for converting to PDF

The default folder where the converted PDF files are generated is the My PDF folder. Also, by default, this folder will be opened every time after the conversion. The other actions available are doing nothing and showing a message.

choose to open output folder or other actions after conversion to PDF is complete

When all the source HTML files are added, click on the Convert Now button. After these files are converted, the output folder will show them as PDFs.

HTML files converted to PDF

Using URLs:

To convert URLs into PDFs, click on the Add URL button. Then copy-paste it.

adding URLs for converting to PDFs

As with files, multiple URLs also can be added, and they will be batch processed. Click on OK after the required URLs are added and hit the Convert Now button.

The converted PDF file from the contents of the added URLs(including images) will be available in the output folder.

Contents of the webpage saved as PDF

Overall, it is a useful, lightweight, and free offline tool that can quickly convert HTML, text, and XML files to PDF documents.

All done.

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