Reduce Eye Strain With Screen Shader For Chrome

Screen Shader for Chrome is an add-on that can automatically change the screen brightness and shading as per the time of the day. This is useful in decreasing eye strain and maintaining the sleep cycle or circadian rhythm.

Download and install it from the Web Store here.

Screen Shader Chrome add-on

After installing, there is a default welcome page for it.

screen shader installed in Chrome

Click on the Extensions icon and pin the Screen Shader icon next to the Chrome address bar.

Chrome extensions icon

To use it, click on the icon.

Screen Shader add-on icon

Shades: Select the Shade tab to increase or decrease the screen shade. By default, it is set to the recommended shade, but you can change it depending on your sleep and wake-up cycle by clicking on the drop-down menu. There is the default wake-up time which you can change as needed.

Default shade in Screen Shader

There are different presets for shades like Reduced Eye Strain, Working Late, Cave Dweller, Sun Lover, and Classic. Choose as needed.

using a preset shade

You can also create a custom shade preset by dragging the sliders for Daytime, Night, and Bedtime.

creating a custom shade

Depending on the selection of shade, the Circadian Response values will change too. This means that as the day goes by, the values will decrease as it gets closer to nighttime.

Shade colors:

By default, the shade color is orange, but you can use others by clicking on the Colors tab.

choosing the shade color


Screen Shader can auto-detect your location and adjust the shades based on the day and nighttime.

location settings

You can enter your location or search manually for better accuracy. Click on the Location tab to do that.

Choosing a location for Screen shader

Other settings:

Besides customizing the shades, location, and colors, Screen Shader has other settings too which can be changed. These include the speed at which the screen shade changes, the default shortcut keys, and the type of color blending algorithm used for generating shades.

other settings

The default values are ok for regular use though.

Also, to give Screen Shader for private windows, right-click on the add-on icon and select Manage extension.

accessing add-on settings

Then from the settings page, enable the option Allow in Incognito.

enable Screen Shader for incognito mode

This is a useful Chrome add-on if you are on screen for long hours as it helps in reducing eye strain and fatigue by gradually dimming the screen depending on the sleep time.

Do try it out.

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