How To Use The Guest Session In Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser has the guest window feature by which you can browse only using the default settings. So, essentially, this is a locked-down version of the browser and is useful when you want to browse temporarily.

However, using guest windows is different than private windows in the following ways:

  • Only the default settings are used
  • Settings cannot be changed
  • Various customizations and add-ons won’t be available

Here is how to use it:

Click on the account icon from the top-right of the browser window and select Open Guest Window.

opening a guest window in vivaldi
It will display the new guest window with information about this mode.

guest window doesn't store any browsing data
Similar to using private windows is that here too, searches and browsing data won’t be saved. But unlike in private windows, you will not be able to use any of the available browser customizations like the installed add-ons or make changes in browser settings.

a guest window in vivaldi browser
To exit, click again on the account icon and select Exit Guest Session.

exit guest session in vivaldi
An interesting part when using the guest windows compared to the regular or private windows is that the option of opening private windows is not available in this.

No private window option in guest session

No new private window option in guest session


Private window option in non guest sessions in Vivaldi browser

The option of opening private window exists only in non-guest mode

So, it is a restrictive browsing mode in Vivaldi and is great for quick surfing without saving any browsing data or using any of the available add-ons. Otherwise, use private windows.

Happy surfing.

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