Turn Photos Into Cartoons With This Free Online Tool

Image to Cartoon is a free online tool that can convert photos to cartoons with just a few clicks.

image converted into cartoon and cartoon emojis

A photo converted to cartoons using Image to Cartoon tool

Turning photos to cartoons:

To use it, go to its homepage here. Then click on the Upload an Image button or drag-drop the images there. The image formats supported are JPG, JPEG and PNG.

Image to Cartoon online toolThe maximum image resolution supported is 5000 x 5000. Also, there is a cap on the number of images (10) that you can upload every week. Batch processing of images is not available for now. All the uploaded face images are auto-deleted within three hours.

After the image is uploaded and processed, Image to Cartoon will automatically process and transform it into different cartoon images.

Sample photo used:

sample image used for image to cartoon tool

[Photo by Isabelli Pontes from Pexels ]

Converting uploaded image to cartoon

Processing uploaded image

So, the detected face in the image is cartooned and is also available as cartoon emojis with different backgrounds. Click on the Download or Download HD buttons below each of the images to open them in a new tab and save them.

converted photos to cartoons

download images turned into cartoons
It is a free AI-based tool to convert photos to cartoons and cartoon emojis with different backgrounds. You can also enhance images with other free tools like Image Upscaler.

Do try it out.

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