How To Publish A Calendar In has a calendar feature by which you can publish your calendar in a read-only mode using a web link or as an ICS file. It can then be viewed by anyone using a browser.

Here is how to use it:

Login to and click on the gear icon. Then choose View all Outlook settings.

accessing settings

From the Settings section, go to Calendar > Shared calendars.

accessing calendar settings

Under the Publish a calendar section, select the calendar to be published. The publishing visibility can either be – Can view all details or Can view when I’m busy. Choose as needed.

calendar publishing settings in



Click on the Publish button to publish the calendar. On publishing, web links will be generated. To share this link, click on the link and choose Copy link.

published calendar with links that can be shared

The link will be copied to the clipboard and can be shared with anyone.

link for the published calendar in

Also, you can change these links. These are randomly generated. Click on the Reset links to get the new links. To stop publishing, click on the Unpublish button. The calendar will no longer be viewable.

For ICS format, click on the link. You can then download the published calendar as an ICS file, or open it as a link too.

download the published calendar as ICS file

The published link will display the calendar schedule in the browser. It would be a read-only view.

published calendar can be viewed in any browser

You can expand the calendar view by clicking on the square icon from the top left to switch to the Month view.

It is a useful feature that makes it easy to publish your schedule and share it in a read-only mode.

All done.

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