How To Send Open Tabs From Microsoft Edge Between PCs

Microsoft Edge browser can sync and send open tabs between devices. For doing this, the same Microsoft account must be used on the devices between which the tabs are to be shared/synced. Also, if you have multiple profiles created, then the same specific profile has to be used on all the devices where open tabs from Edge are to be synced.

To use this feature, first access Edge profile settings by typing in the address bar:


Click on Profiles and choose Sync.

edge profile settings

By default, the tab sync feature is off. So, enable the Open tabs option.

open tabs option in Edge

All the open tabs now will be available across different devices that use the same account. Also, you can selectively send tabs between devices. For this, right-click on the open tab and select the Send page to option.

send specific open tabs between devices in Edge

Troubleshooting sync:

If syncing between devices is not available, log out from the Edge profile on all the devices. Then from the bottom of the Sync menu, choose Reset Sync.

reset Edge sync

It will delete all your browsing data from Microsoft servers and start syncing all over again.

Edge sync data deleted
Happy browsing.

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