Quickly Add And Save Notes In Chrome With Notepad-online

Notepad-online is a note-taking add-on for Chrome that can be used to quickly add and save notes. It can run both offline and online.

Download and install it from the Chrome Web Store here.

Notepad-online Chrome add-on
After it is installed, you can also pin or unpin the Notepad-online add-on using the Extensions icon next to the Chrome address bar.

extensions icon in Chrome

pinning Notepad-online to address bar
There will be two options to choose from for running it.

These are:

  • With registration: Signup with an email and password which can then be used on any device to store and sync notes. This is the online version.

With registration version of Notepad-online

  • Without registration: No signup is needed for this. It is for use on a single device only, works offline and does not support syncing across devices.

Without registration version of Notepad-online

This example uses the online mode. For this, signup with an email and password.

registering an account for online mode

Then, log in to Notepad-online with that.

Notepad-online interface

Using Notepad-online:

The interface is basic and easy to use. The left pane lists the sheets or notes. You can add different such sheets here for storing notes. The right pane is the notepad editor area for jotting down notes and saving them.

adding notes
Click on the maximize button to open notes in a larger separate window. To rename a new sheet, click on the title from the right pane and name it as needed.

renaming notes
Click on the save icon to manually save the notes. Notepad-online autosaves too.

saving notes
To delete the notes, hover the mouse near it and click on the X button.

Configuring settings:

To configure different options for Notepad-online, click on the Menu drop-down and choose Settings.

menu drop-down

accessing Notepad-online settings
From here, you can change the appearance of the notes window.

different Notepad-online settings

Also, by default, the advanced editor is off that can be enabled too.

changing the color of Notepad-online window and enabling advanced editor

Advanced editor enabled in Notepad-online

In the online mode, if you would like to manage the sessions across different devices, then click on Other open sessions.

accessing session settings
It will display the session details like timestamp for the creation of notes, the last accessed timestamp, and the IP addresses. They can be terminated by clicking on either the Kill checked sessions or Kill all but current sessions buttons respectively.

list of sessions for Notepad-online
To download any of the created notes, choose Export and then Download.

downloading notes

saved notes downloaded as a text file

Similarly, you can load saved notes using the Import button.

It is a useful note-taking Chrome add-on that runs both offline and online.

Happy writing.

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