Make Your Gmail Messages Stand Out With Formatted Email Subject Lines

Formatted email subject lines by cloudHQ as the name suggests is a Google Chrome add-on that can change how your emails appear by changing the subject lines. This add-on can add different effects to email subject lines like bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, and so on.

formatted email subject lines

Download and install it from the Chrome web store here.

installing formatted email subject lines by cloudhq
After installing it, you can also pin it next to the address bar by clicking on the Extensions icon.

add-on installed in chrome

add-on icon

Formatted email subject lines:

Using this add-on is easy. You can also sign up for a free cloudHQ account first and linking your Google account.

first run page for formatted email subject lines add-on

signing up for cloudhq account

cloudhq account dashboard

To use the add-on, open a new message draft. The add-on icon will be visible next to the email subject line.

formatting email subject line

After typing in the email subject, click on it. Various effects will be available to choose from like bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, and more. The email subject line will have an automatic preview depending on the chosen effect.

list of effects for email subject lines

The recipients will receive the email with the formatted subject line as chosen before.

emails with formatted subject lines

So, this add-on can help your emails be more visible and be distinguishable because of the added effects.

Other settings:

To configure the add-on options, right-click on the add-on and choose Manage extensions.

managing add-on

From there, you can turn on/off the access to the listed sites if needed.

add-on access settings

By the way, there is also another useful add-on by cloudHQ that can save Gmail messages as PDF. Here is how to use it.

Happy emailing.

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